The Luxury Liners - 'Believe'

I never thought that "Believe" would hold up as a pop-punk anthem, but here it is, freshly spiked and catchy as ever. 

Cher Announces September Tour

Cher is an icon, a superstar singer who is often referred to affectionately by her fans as deserving of the term of endearment “diva.” Yet, she also is very down-to-earth and enthusiastically communicates with fans and states her truth. She has been tweeting more than ever lately on her Twitter page, @Cher

In fact, she delivered news that sent those diehard fans rejoicing this past Thursday via Twitter. Cher announced that she will start a new tour in September, and she also shared the news that her first tour dates are going to be in Kansas. I think we can speculate from this news that perhaps she will start with a tour of the United States, and many international fans hope that it will also include stops around other parts of the world as well. So far, details have not been forthcoming on the tour, but they are expected shortly. 
What Cher did share was that the whole set and her personal look will change with each song. Now that’s entertainment! She also said that she was left shaking after getting a look at the sets and that there was so magic to it that she was left breathless as well. Talk about teasing for what I anticipate to be a remarkable show. Cher puts her all into her art and does not disappoint.
Cher has not toured in a few years. She did incredible concerts from 2008 to 2011 in Las Vegas, Nevada, at the The Coliseum at Caesar’s Palace. Her last extensive concert was from 2002 to 2005 in what was then billed as her farewell tour. Thankfully, it was not her farewell, and Cher’s new music and her live shows are sure to be something special. 

Cher Weighs in on the Tragic Death of Whitney Houston

Cher, the musical diva we all know and love, is known to have quite a few famous friends in addition to her buddies outside of the business. Cher and Whitney Houston are both in an elite class of solo female singers whose careers have spanned decades and who have massive fan followings. They have also been friends for years. 
In the aftermath of Whitney’s passing, Cher took to her official Twitter account, @Cher, to answer fans who were asking her for a comment on the tragedy. She explained that life is hard for everyone, but implored people to imagine enduring life’s heartbreaks in the spotlight as Whitney did. She suggests that we all do something to honor Whitney and “don’t sweat the small stuff.” 
Only a year ago both Cher and Whitney were shining and glamorous at the pre-Grammy gala of Clive Davis, as reported by the Socialite Life. Cher was stunning in a bold black dress, and Whitney was elegant in a silver gown. Both ladies paid tribute to David Geffen, the music industry mogul who was being honored that evening. Cher called him the smartest man in the room, and Whitney performed on what was ultimately to be her last Grammy night. At the 2011 shindig Clive held before the Grammy Awards ceremony, Whitney paid tribute to her cousin, Dionne Warwick, and performed “Say A Little Prayer for Me,” “Walk On By,” and “That’s What Friends Are For.” 
It was only hours before the 2012 gala that Clive Davis was throwing in the very hotel where Whitney passed away that the news came of the 48-year-old superstar’s sudden, unexpected death. The autopsy has been done, but no details have been released. According to Entertainment Wise, Whitney’s body was flown to Newark, New Jersey on Monday, February 13 for a burial, according to The Daily Mail.

Cher Is Not Dead, But She Is Setting Trends

Yes, Cher fans now know that the queen of pop is not dead. However, there was a frightening Twitter trend of “RIP Cher” that had her millions of fans terrified. Someone who has yet to be identified thought it would be amusing to get the rumor mill spinning in Cher’s direction, and it caught on quickly. Even some celebs fail for the hoax and were openly mourning.  
Cher took to her Twitter account, @Cher, to address the rumors in a light-hearted way. She stated, “Well here I am tweeting from the HereAfter! It’s very blue up here & thank God they gave me a view of the sea, palm trees & a Balinese house.” She also proceeded to promise that she isn’t going anywhere until she finishes her new album and also that she may include a song referencing the experience on the album.
Cher is the lone victim of a death hoax. There’s a circle of celebrities who have been subjected to false rumors of their demise, including Paul McCartney, Rihanna, and Jon Bon Jovi. Also, since the rumors of Cher's passing started, there have also been new rumors of other celeb death, including that of Perez Hilton who was honored to be in the category with Cher.
Meanwhile, Cher has been her jovial self updating Twitter with all kinds of posts. She jokes with some fans. In response to a fan who was seemingly very much longing for her attention and begging for a reply in all caps on the premise that it would be the fan’s dream come true, Cher replied for her to pick up her big girl panties. It’s that kind of irreverent but loving sense of humor that Cher is known for. We hope to share it with her for centuries longer so no more death hoaxes please! 

How Cher Can Help You Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions

So it’s the time of year when everyone is reviewing those resolutions that were made over a week ago and trying to figure out a way to keep them. Liven things up and make it more fun by incorporating your favorite diva into your healthy habits to better keep those resolutions. 
If you are getting down and out with the post-holiday blues, try to pick yourself up with a playlist from Cher full of only her most upbeat, cheerful songs. Go for oldies like “I Got You Babe” and tracks from her dance album like “Strong Enough,” which has an inspirational message in and of itself. Also be sure to include those that have special personal significance to you. When you start to doubt yourself and your goals, play the list to cheer yourself up and help keep you going.
Can’t seen to get into the groove of a workout routine? Forget expensive gym memberships. Start simple until you’ve proven to yourself that you’re ready to commit to a thrice-weekly exercise routine. Get a copy of one of Cher’s excellent workout videos. Called “CherFitness,” the two workouts are both excellent and effective, but they are very different. The first title, “Cher Fitness: A New Attitude,” was released on CBS Fox Video in 1991. “Cher Fitness: Body Confidence” was released the following year after the massive success of the first title. Both videos have been released on DVD in the UK, but United States fans will have to settle for the old VHS tapes unless they have a multi-region DVD player.
Perhaps your resolutions have to do with bringing out the singer, actress, or artist within you. Rely on Cher for inspiration there as well. When taking singing lessons, take along some of Cher’s sheet music. She has a deep contralto vocal range, but her songs may work for you no matter what your range is. Also, watch some of her best performances for inspiration before your own audition; her own performance in “Moonstruck” earned her an Academy Award.

The Mystery of Cher's Duet With Lady Gaga

Cher is a really fun celebrity to follow on Twitter and in her career in general. She’s open, frank, and too talented to try to summarize in one article. There is one thing that she has been avoiding lately on Twitter, and that’s when her duet with Lady Gaga, tentatively titled “The Greatest Thing,” will be released.
Here’s the story. Cher announced in the summer of 2011 that she and Lady Gaga has recorded a duet that would be released in September 2011. The single would be off her upcoming album that she has described as “way dance” on her Twitter account, @Cher.  However, September came and went, and fans were still eagerly awaiting the song’s release. At the cusp of 2012, fans are still waiting. It’s unclear what the delay is, but it just may have to do with the album itself being pushed back from a late 2011 to an early 2012 release.
As the Times of India reported, Lady Gaga herself has called the song “beautiful” and “massive,” and she gushed over how she was glad that she had inadvertently saved the tune for the great Cher. She stated that Cher heard the song, loved it, and wanted to do it as a duet. Lady Gaga excitedly agreed, very impressed at the idea of working with Cher.
According to, the producer of the track, Red One, had this to say about the duet of the divas, “I think it's timeless. The beautiful thing about this song is, it's very uplifting, very uplifting. It's emotional, but it has dance on it, and it has a dance vibe on it. It's just a timeless song. You can play it with the guitar, the piano, with whatever instrument you want. You can sing it a cappella, you know what I mean, it's that kind of song.” Red One went on to call the duet an “event” because of the singers involved.
When it will be released remains a mystery, but it is sure to be on Cher’s latest album, which is slated to be released in early 2012. If you can’t wait that long, Entertainment Weekly did showcase a leaked demo featuring only Lady Gaga’s vocals. 

Cher's Fun Christmas Music

Cher has recorded many types of music in her illustrious career, but she has never recorded a Christmas album. Many fans would love to hear her belt out several classic and contemporary holiday tunes again, but she has not yet indulged in this fun music genre on the scale of a full album. However, she has dabbled in Christmas tunes through the years.
Cher recorded a very modern rendition of “Christmas (Baby Please Come Home),” a song better known by the recording K.T. Tunstall did. The song was featured on Rosie O’Donnell’s “A Rosie Christmas” CD, which was released in 1999. It was very popular, reaching #20 in the charts and receiving quite a lot of praise. The credits to the song are Cher as a duet with Rosie, but it is Cher’s voice we hear predominantly in the tune. 
Well before this popular recording, Cher enjoyed Christmas specials alongside her then-husband Sonny Bono on their television show. Now available on DVD as “The Sonny & Cher Christmas Collection,” fans can enjoy seeing a 1970s Cher singing such songs as “Jingle Bells” (which just so happens to be he opening song to all three specials that are included on the DVD). Other songs include “Oh Holy Night,” and the Christmas comedy sketches with Cher are must-see TV.
Those who have grown to love and support Chaz Bono after his performances on “Dancing With the Stars” will enjoy seeing him as a very young child known as Chastity giving a nuanced, quite adorable performance of “I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus.” 

The Best Cher Tunes for a Workout

"You may want to place them on first to really get up your mood and help set the tone for a positive, upbeat workout."

Cher has recorded many types of music in her illustrious career, and a lot of her songs are great accompaniments to a workout, whether you’re dancing, walking, or hitting the gym. Here’s a playlist of the must-have songs, but there are many others that you also want to cue up depending on your tastes and activity.

You probably want to start with Cher’s “Believe” album, the dance-music genre runaway hit. Such tunes as the title track, “Believe,” and “Strong Enough” will have you moving your feet even if all you want to do is lounge around. Other strong tracks from this CD include “Love Is The Groove,” “Runaway,” “The Power,” and “Taxi Taxi.”


“Mermaids,” Cher’s hit film from about 20 years ago, stands the test of time today, and so does its soundtrack. Two songs from the movie are essential for your workout playlist: “If I Could Turn Back Time” and “The Shoop Shoop Song (It’s In His Kiss).”


Then look to the earliest songs from Cher and Sonny Bono. “I Got You Babe” and “The Beat Goes On” are good for almost any occasion, but they are especially energetic tunes with a fast beat and a positive message. You may want to place them on first to really get up your mood and help set the tone for a positive, upbeat workout. Empower yourself by placing your favorite songs throughout the workout to assist your stamina. 

“Walking In Memphis” is a slower, truly beautiful tune. It’s one of the few cover songs that Cher has recorded, and it’s been included on a few of her greatest hits albums. It’s really nice to put on while warming up or cooling down for a workout. 


Little Known Facts About Cher

Cher is the lady that all of us fans know and love. We listen to her music, watch her music videos and read her interviews. However, how well do we really know the brunette chanteuse with the unique voice and one-of-a-kind spirit? Well, if you’re like me, you’ll be surprised to learn some of these lesser known facts about Cher. 
Cher as a Workout Host?
Yes, Cher actually released two different workouts in the 1990s under the title of “CherFitness: Body Confidence” and “CherFitness: A New Attitude.” The former even came with special CherFitness resistance bands; you could then order replacements as well. They were actually really thorough, great workouts, and they stand up to the test of time. It’s worth the investment to buy a copy on Amazon or eBay, but let’s hope they come to DVD. 
Regrets in Love
Cher revealed on “Good Morning America” in 2008 that she had a brief romance with Elvis Presley himself when they were both working as performers in Las Vegas. She admitted that she deeply regrets the fact that she turned him down when she was invited up to his hotel room. She has also dated Warren Beatty, Tom Cruise, and Val Kilmer. 
Cleaning House
Cher auctioned off 800 personal belongings from her large Malibu home in October of 2006. She made approximately $3.3 million off the auction, and she promised that a large percentage of the proceeds would go to the Cher Charitable Foundation. She uses this foundation to help many causes that are dear to her heart, including human rights.