Cher at Caesars Palace, Las Vegas, Nevada

Cher at Caesars Palace, Las Vegas, Nevada

I was blessed to see Cher live in fabulous Las Vegas this past May - it was my birthday present and one that I will never forget. The show basically went through her life in video and song - with many (many) wonderful costume changes. It was a pretty indescribable experience but I will do my best to sum it all up for you without making you too jealous.

The show started out with a little schtick from the woman herself. One of my favorite parts of this was her making fun of her self by saying something like "I bet your all excited to see a senior citizen in her underwear" - and laughs all around! This went on for about 15 minutes and was a little pop culture, shout outs to the gays, and how all the straight men were dragged there by their wives and she knew they all wanted to go back to the slots. Typical Vegas-y stuff if you have seen a performance or two there - but made fabulous by Chers own words.

The show started with some clips of her early life, Sonney, small pre-lesbian (and pre-male) Chastity/Chaz, and some clips from her early movies and television career. This is how the show ran for the most part - there would be clips and video, or a little live dance scene by some of her very talented dancers, while Cher was changing and geting ready for her next live song. She sang all the greats - even my personal, highschool favorite, Believe, but it was towards the end as the show was in chronological order - from old cher... to OLD cher. Ha!

The glitz and glamor of Las Vegas lends itself perfectly to her act and performance. The two unreal entities combine and really create something out of this world. It is something I would reccomend seeing for anyone who is visiting and the experience is something you will never forget (my parents, who also went, still talk about it). There is a small window of performances coming up starting Saturday, September 4th, 2010 and the tickets are comparable in price ($95-$250 plus tax & fees) to other Vegas shows - but this one is truly once in a lifetime (when she is gone - shes gone)! In my honest opinion if you do nothing other than see Cher in Vegas - you will have a great trip (and save some cash on the slots).

What are you waiting for? Get your tickets and enjoy the show!


*Make sure to also check out Jamal Story, while you watch - he is scattered throughout the show and does some AMAZING stuff - he is really wonderful!