April 2011

Song of the Day: “Song for the Lonely”

One of Cher’s best modern songs is her hit, “Song for the Lonely.” It features the wide vocals that we’ve come to expect from her along with some more modern elements (though the music is actually a little reminiscent of another hit, “If I Could Turn Back Time”). I wasn’t a big fan of the blond platinum hair (Cher just doesn’t seem herself without that long black hair!), but the song itself is absolutely lovely.

Cher Song of the Day: “If I Could Turn Back Time”

Here at all things Cher (AKA Cher Music), we’ll be celebrating the hottest diva of all time with a regular featured song. Though many people think of Cher as a guilty pleasure, the woman’s arguable one of the most talented singers alive, and she’s got a track record to prove it. Whether it’s one of her newer pop hits, an oldie but goodie, or one of her amazing covers of a previously released song, share (Cher!) your favorite song here.