November 2011

Meet Cher's Future Daughter-In-Law, Jennifer Elia

Cher has been openly and wholeheartedly supportive of her child, Chaz Bono, in his life journey. Recently, Chaz, now 42, has been on quite a journey. Chaz, who was born as a female with the name Chastity, underwent a female-to-male gender transition from 2008 to 2010 and made a documentary on the topic. This year, he went far as a contestant on "Dancing With the Stars." Cher was in the audience to see Chaz dance to "Rocky" on the show and tweeted her enthusiasm each week, asking her fans to vote Chaz on in the competition. 

Why Cher is a Strong Force for Human Rights

"The most recent role that Cher has embraced is that of an activist and advocate for LGBT community"

Cher is an entertainer, businesswoman, singer, actress, dancer, an activist, an icon, a diva....She’s even been a workout host. There are few things that Cher has not done in her long, illustrious show business career. From winning an Oscar to the undying affection of millions of fans, she’s been much celebrated along the way as well.

There is one area that is not quite addressed often enough when it comes to Cher, though. She’s a strong activist for human rights. She defines herself as anti-war activist, having protested the Vietnam war and more recently spoken out against the war in Iraq. She simultaneously stood up for the soldiers, though, even calling C-SPAN to complain about the lack of media coverage of the many who have been wounded in the recent war.

The most recent role that Cher has embraced is that of an activist and advocate for LGBT community. She was openly supportive of her child, Chaz, who had a sex change operation to transition from being a woman to being a man. Chaz has famously competed in “Dancing With the Stars” after the operation, and Cher would proudly tweet each week asking her fans to support him. She even cheered him on in the audience on week, and she has used her fame to bring a greater acceptance and understanding on these issues to her large fan base and the average viewer alike.