December 2011

The Mystery of Cher's Duet With Lady Gaga

Cher is a really fun celebrity to follow on Twitter and in her career in general. She’s open, frank, and too talented to try to summarize in one article. There is one thing that she has been avoiding lately on Twitter, and that’s when her duet with Lady Gaga, tentatively titled “The Greatest Thing,” will be released.
Here’s the story. Cher announced in the summer of 2011 that she and Lady Gaga has recorded a duet that would be released in September 2011. The single would be off her upcoming album that she has described as “way dance” on her Twitter account, @Cher.  However, September came and went, and fans were still eagerly awaiting the song’s release. At the cusp of 2012, fans are still waiting. It’s unclear what the delay is, but it just may have to do with the album itself being pushed back from a late 2011 to an early 2012 release.

The Best Cher Tunes for a Workout

"You may want to place them on first to really get up your mood and help set the tone for a positive, upbeat workout."

Cher has recorded many types of music in her illustrious career, and a lot of her songs are great accompaniments to a workout, whether you’re dancing, walking, or hitting the gym. Here’s a playlist of the must-have songs, but there are many others that you also want to cue up depending on your tastes and activity.

You probably want to start with Cher’s “Believe” album, the dance-music genre runaway hit. Such tunes as the title track, “Believe,” and “Strong Enough” will have you moving your feet even if all you want to do is lounge around. Other strong tracks from this CD include “Love Is The Groove,” “Runaway,” “The Power,” and “Taxi Taxi.”