February 2012

Cher Announces September Tour

Cher is an icon, a superstar singer who is often referred to affectionately by her fans as deserving of the term of endearment “diva.” Yet, she also is very down-to-earth and enthusiastically communicates with fans and states her truth. She has been tweeting more than ever lately on her Twitter page, @Cher

In fact, she delivered news that sent those diehard fans rejoicing this past Thursday via Twitter. Cher announced that she will start a new tour in September, and she also shared the news that her first tour dates are going to be in Kansas. I think we can speculate from this news that perhaps she will start with a tour of the United States, and many international fans hope that it will also include stops around other parts of the world as well. So far, details have not been forthcoming on the tour, but they are expected shortly. 
What Cher did share was that the whole set and her personal look will change with each song. Now that’s entertainment! She also said that she was left shaking after getting a look at the sets and that there was so magic to it that she was left breathless as well. Talk about teasing for what I anticipate to be a remarkable show. Cher puts her all into her art and does not disappoint.

Cher Weighs in on the Tragic Death of Whitney Houston

Cher, the musical diva we all know and love, is known to have quite a few famous friends in addition to her buddies outside of the business. Cher and Whitney Houston are both in an elite class of solo female singers whose careers have spanned decades and who have massive fan followings. They have also been friends for years. 
In the aftermath of Whitney’s passing, Cher took to her official Twitter account, @Cher, to answer fans who were asking her for a comment on the tragedy. She explained that life is hard for everyone, but implored people to imagine enduring life’s heartbreaks in the spotlight as Whitney did. She suggests that we all do something to honor Whitney and “don’t sweat the small stuff.” 

Cher Is Not Dead, But She Is Setting Trends

Yes, Cher fans now know that the queen of pop is not dead. However, there was a frightening Twitter trend of “RIP Cher” that had her millions of fans terrified. Someone who has yet to be identified thought it would be amusing to get the rumor mill spinning in Cher’s direction, and it caught on quickly. Even some celebs fail for the hoax and were openly mourning.  
Cher took to her Twitter account, @Cher, to address the rumors in a light-hearted way. She stated, “Well here I am tweeting from the HereAfter! It’s very blue up here & thank God they gave me a view of the sea, palm trees & a Balinese house.” She also proceeded to promise that she isn’t going anywhere until she finishes her new album and also that she may include a song referencing the experience on the album.